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Taking a romantic tropical island week off with her boyfriend, an ambitious, decisive New York girl agrees to help her magazine out by covering a story on a neighboring island. The only plane available is piloted by a laid-back heavy drinker with whom she shares a mutual dislike. But she has no choice and he can't refuse the money. When the plane crash-lands on an uninhabited island with little chance of rescue they both wish they had made other arrangements - at least to start with.
Robin Monroe and her fiancé Frank Martin are on a South Seas vacation when she's called away on business. She buys a flight from Quinn Harris, a rough-around-the-edges pilot, but they crash on a deserted island. There, they discover danger and romance while they endure the elements and each other's company.
I really liked this film. While the casting was a little off, I still enjoyed the main characters. Especially Anne Heche&#39;s role. The shooting was nicely done and it was a film that isn&#39;t the ordinary Hollywood kind where it takes place in a studio. <br/><br/>This movie is good because it is funny, semi-dramatic, has action, and it&#39;s not a movie that was made to change something. Here you have a nice little film that is good to watch when you want a taste of the different genres. I don&#39;t think that it was given too much publicity when it was released in the theatres, and that&#39;s mainly why I never saw it until a couple of weeks ago when it was on TV. It&#39;s cute!<br/><br/>I enjoyed that the main female role was given to Anne Heche. She was perfect for the role because she is terribly underrated and I hope that this opened some career options for her. In my opinion, Heche can deliver comedy and drama. Some of the writing that was meant to be funny couldn&#39;t be pulled off (by Ford), but Anne did a good job. Another thing that I liked about her is that she must have been in excellent shape to pull the role off. Every film has stunt men/women, but it was pretty obvious that the two main actors did some running, swimming, etc. Casting Harrison Ford as the lead male seemed to be a mistake. I&#39;ll admit that this was the second movie that I have seem him in. I know he&#39;s supposed to be like the greatest actor now days, but I wasn&#39;t too impressed. Anyway, he really didn&#39;t fit the description as a tough pilot who gets stranded on an island. Another thing that I found odd was why the part of Monroe&#39;s fiance was played by David Schwimmer. Other than the complete failure of on screen chemistry between the two, I also frowned on the stupidity that was given to his character. The writing for him was dull and poorly written out, as well as the whole thing with him and Angelica. Boring. Sure, his character was needed and the movie wouldn&#39;t have made a whole lot of sense without him, but the crew should have casted someone else. Such as a lesser known actor. I&#39;m not even going to comment on the role and actress of Angelica. Just that it/she was bad.<br/><br/>The plot was creative but somewhat original. It&#39;s like Gilligan&#39;s Island without the S.S. Minnow, but like something else that I have seen before. I can&#39;t quite remember but I know that I&#39;ve seen the whole &#39;I can&#39;t stand you but we&#39;re going to have to get along one way or another&#39; idea before. The shooting locations (scenery) was really well put together. This film had a good atmosphere all around. I also liked the different stunts that the movie called for. Monroe and Harris were fit and looked good while trying to survive on an island. <br/><br/>Three things I had a problem with. One - the story circling around the pirates was kind of bland not to mention un-necessary. This idea that took up a total of five minutes could have been left out and wouldn&#39;t have made a difference. Two - after everything Heche went through, specifically towards the end, she still continued to have her makeup on when the going got tough. I know, not a big deal but everything else was well thought out, I was just disappointed to see that a mistake like this was left in. And third - I found it very unbelievable that a pilot and a woman that was new to the outdoors managed to fix a plane and actually got it to fly again. The pilot could have done this but I still didn&#39;t buy it. Those were the things I had some troubles with but everything else was pleasing.<br/><br/>Watch this movie if you want a cute, funny, little movie with a partially good cast. Despite what most people thought, I found that this was one of the better films that has a simple plot but turned into something that was very enjoyable.
Six days seven nights is a very entertaining film. Good plot, cast, and an excellent director. Ivan Reitman&#39;s contributions to the film industry over the last 20+ years are wonderful. I look forward to viewing his future work!
Part of what's so entertaining about Six Days, Seven Nights is the way Reitman happily mixes all the conventions of the stranded-on-an-island motif – unpleasant encounters with creepy-crawly nature, the building of stuff out of bamboo and found objects, the first kiss in paradise.

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