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Retired archaeology professor Holden leads an private expedition in turbulent Egypt's desert with his daughter Nora,cameraman Fitzie and video producer Sunni, which discovers a unique buried, three-sides pyramid. Initially they only send in engineer Zahir's state of the art robot and prepare to leave Egypt, but it gets lost and they get heavily-armed corporal Shahid to cover for them to retrieve it 'two hours max'. However they soon get lost, stumble upon traps, cause a collapse and fear to be utterly stuck, falling down a thirty meters shaft, into an atypical maze with confusing hieroglyphs. Mounting fear turns into justified despair overshadowing scientific curiosity as they find themselves watched, next attacked by voracious, cannibalistic critters between rats and cats, and next a figure which resembles the god of last judgment Anubis.
An archaeological team attempts to unlock the secrets of a lost pyramid only to find themselves hunted by an insidious creature.
Well for the first time I haven't see a horror movie since 5 years, but when I saw this movie I predicted almost all the events in the storyline. For the ones who wants to be scared all the day, this movie will catch your attention. I love the Egypt history and I really want to know more about their lives before and how they believe in many things like, reliving. But in this movie, they did not focus enough on that just on the freaky monsters and animals and that drives me crazy and I was freaking scared. Overall, the movie was fine and I must say that I enjoyed a little bit. IF HORROR MOVIES ARE NOT YOUR STYLE>> BACK OFF. One more thing to mention, I didn't like the production that much, I believe they can do better than this. So, I am going to give this movie 5 out of 10.
I really enjoyed this film, I didn't have high hopes due to some of the other reviews on here - perhaps my expectations being low led to me enjoying this more than I "should" have?! I thought the sets, props and effects were very good. The music wasn't overbearing either and added to the atmosphere. I thought James Buckley was very good in his role,that was my biggest worry going into this film, having only ever seen him in The Inbetweeners before this. It was also pretty cool to see Denis O'Hare in something outside of American Horror Story. My only criticism of this film would be it needs to make up it's mind whether it's a found footage or regular film, as in the second half especially it jumps from one to the other, which takes you out of the moment slightly. If you like to watch a film to take you away from reality and not have to think about anything for a couple of hours, you'll enjoy this film. If you're looking for something groundbreaking - keep searching!
This enjoyable-despite-itself horror flick has precisely nothing new to offer - with the arguable exception of a monster in a miniskirt, which may be a first.

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