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Hello, everyone and welcome to the KnightOfNi Linkshell Page, This is a LS, focused on EndGame and Endgame Only, we're focusing on making a LS where not everyone can get in, this Link-Shell will be invite only for End Gamers, And by recomendations from 1-2 members on your play style and your competence level… If you want to farm Primals, SCoB or make a FCoB, Static, This is the linkshell, for you.

Rules are simple No drama Will be tolerated, No Emotional/RageQuitters Are allowed. Be able to take harsh but constructive criticism and not get emotional if "mature language" is used.

Since this is a LS to find or make groups quicker than pf to farm/progress into the later coils and future endgame, We also encourage people to take part of the Team And Make other Statics within the LS, To Farm any turns or progress into FCoB.

What We expect from our Members: Must Have access to Team Speak 3, 2-3 classes level 50 and above i level 105 is a plus. Turn 5 cleared. Be able to adjust on the different strategies used on the many different turns and play style… Hence why Team Speak is a MUST to join the Link-Shell, But being a must have to join, doesn't mean all groups will ask you to use it..

What we have to offer: We'll offer you clears,farm, progression and above all Fun. A Group where you can be sure if you ask "Any [Insert Role Here] Want to farm [Insert Raid Here]?" you'll be sure that player has voice-coms, and has the experience or the ability to learn/adjust and perform at the standard Level of that fight. Thus not carrying will be supported.. And much more, the group is barely starting we'll know for sure all the benefits we'll gain for making a Big LS full of Competent/Skilled players once we get the numbers and the right people!

Long Story short, this will be a great if not the best LS to find Static/Form statics or just farm scobs/primals and progress into fcob

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